This dominicana is here to remind you that we no longer wait for a seat at the table.

I’ve built a space specifically for you.

I don't care who you were, I want to know who you want to be and help you get there.

I have spent most of my life dancing and performing and like many always in the search for that “perfect” body. Fitness fell into my lap, and before I knew it, It felt like the missing piece to the puzzle and decided to do things my own way and connect with YOU on a different level.

Achieving health, mindset and well-being is not a one size fits all approach. It's time to bring it home and customize your journey so that no matter what life throws at you - you can overcome obstacles with grace! I understand this because I've seen first hand how destructive unhealthy relationships with our bodies can be.

 Go bigger & go harder.

I'm here to tell you the opposite of what your used to hearing

 perfection is unattainable but once we are empowered, we are unstoppable.

Killer bodies started from a place of need. Fitness industry NEEDED a safe space where we weren't leading with anyone's insecurity.

In Killer bodies the verbiage will never be to lose anything. I'm here to tell you the opposite, go bigger and go harder.

Whether we are dancing or in the middle of a HIIT session what I want you to lead with is that YOU define who you are.

Get to know me..

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Tres Golpes 





Sevilla, spain


Mykonos, Greece

How it all began

2015 - started side hustling

 Was tired of trying to fit in and decided I actually was IT. With $200 in my bank account, bought 30 bands and taught my first KILLER BODIES class on april 12, 2015

2018-Studio in Midtown NYC

3 years after my first class, 2 babies and 3 formats later I decided to do something crazy- open up my very studio space. 

2019 KILLERCATIONS were born

While looking for a retreat to join - i was bored with what i saw. It was all either tranquil yogis or groups with no diversity- KILLERCATION fixed both those problems. Traveling the world mixing party, culture and fitness with a real community

2023 Surviving to thriving

So the pandemic came in like a hurricane, but the end result was understanding how resilient we actually are. With that type of energy we are using 2023 to flourish and welcome all the growth, fun and booty shaking that I am manifesting

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