Let me help you become your best most confident self.

It’s time to stop playing small.

What if there was a way to.. 

  • Finally feel sexy af in your body

No more putting off living fully in the body that you have now. As we work towards the one we want we also learn to accept the one we are in. awareness and growth go hand in hand
  • Get to your fitness goal effectively

Change is never easy but it also shouldnt be complicated. In the Blueprint we will build a program that fits into YOUR lifestyle so that consistency will be less of a challenge.

  • stop feeling out of control

When it comes to your body and your thoughts, I teach and give you all the tools you need to feel in control. 

I get it, I've been there.  

Fast forward a decade of learning, studying and experience to finally realize that you don't grow when you start from a place of hate. My life, body , and more importantly my mindset had the biggest  shift when I started to put into play that this journey is supposed to fit into MY life not the other way around.

The KB BLUEPRINT is here to help you master the habits and discipline that will get you to your goal. You will begin to understand and live the reality that your confidence grows each time you keep your own word and you’ll see the results that follow when the most important factors align with one another.

I've spent the majority of my life wearing my body down and jumping from diet to diet just to consistently feel like I should give up.

Say hello to the...

The KB Blueprint -   (1:1 Coaching) 


It’s 1:1 coaching for the person who is ready to step it up, quit the excuses and who is excited about growing  into their most confident and sexy AF self.

What Makes This Health Coaching Experience Different From Everything You've Tried Before

I strongly believe...

I always value...

I don't believe...

that this journey should be about building a blueprint around YOU not the other way around. It should never feel like you have to choose between living life or being “healthy.

Transparency. There’s no BS here. I will push you and be your biggest cheerleader but forever keeping it real with you. This program is for those not only willing to do the work, but actually excited about it. 

I don’t believe in restrictions. I want to empower you through knowledge and understand that you can live FULLY while in pursuit of your goals.